Our Founder

I aspire to find serenity, tranquility, and respect in each of my exchanges, and to guide my children to the best of my ability in this journey as a student of life. I dream of a world where even in confrontation or sadness, I can feel my "KINDNESS ABOVE  ALL" by remaining totally myself. I dream of Parenting without guilt where education is a gift to life and an enlargement of the unconditional love I carry to my children...


Committed to Enriching the Lives of Our Children

Our story began fifteen years ago in London with the foundation of “Creative Mind Club,” a breakfast and afterschool club and holiday scheme providing activities throughout the year and the summer months.

In 2012, we opened a bilingual Montessori nursery in London with only five children. Today the nursery welcomes around forty children, proof of parents’ appreciation of, and satisfaction with, our teaching methods, the educational team and the services offered.

A second nursery opened its doors in 2015.

We are also the founders of “Enfance Consultancy,” that focuses on supporting professionals in child development to create, develop and manage their own establishments dedicated to early childhood.

Over the years, a team of passionate professionals have come together and now finds itself united in pursuing a common goal: Smiling Angels.

Our goals are to shape the way they live their lives and facilitate the fundamentals of social responsibility, healthy living, and cultural acceptance.