Who We Are

Smiling Angels is an establishment of trained, passionate educational experts, dedicated to the overall wellbeing, development, and blossoming of the child.
Our primary objective is to provide spaces with a familial feel, such as your home environment, our nurseries, daycare, schools and our Children Centres (educational hubs) where each child is holistically or individually guided in a playful and pedagogical way through different, dynamic teaching methods.


About Smiling Angels

Playful and creative environments that encourage child development

Inspired by the MONTESSORI thought, modernized and out of school, Smiling Angels is an educational concept that feeds its community through benefits to families & businesses.

We offer exceptional workshops dedicated to families to discover the principles of Montessori thought and sensory activities that children need to flourish.

For children from 0 to 10 years old

we offer support and activities that help independence, the refinement of fine motor skills and sensory exploration. And for parents, a time to sharpen your benevolent gaze and let go of educational convictions.

Our offer is based on the principles ofnd caring education. Our proposals are directly inspired by Montessori philosophy in a contemporary form for all brands that want to put the child at the center of their strategy.


Our Philosophy

Free the child's potential and you will transform him into the word.
-Maria Montessori

Children have so much to offer to the world. We believe in the superpower that they hold, and know that they will unfold as the lotus of the future generations to come. At Smiling Angels, we are here to prepare , guide, nurture their potential and give them the tools for tomorrow  in order to fulfill their quest of independence. We have a range of playbase activities based on the methods of the best and modern early childhood pioneers principles as   Maria Montessori, Loris Malagauzzi, Emile Peckler and many more.

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