Make your own

Make your own

Our Purpose and Values :

We offer today's families tools rather than toys.


  1. Simple & useful
  2. Authentic & durable
  3. Ethics & aesthetics.


Because the transmission of educational values ​​is played out in everyday life, we are committed to promoting activities for playful children that are beneficial to the construction of human being: self-confidence, independance , concentration and education of the senses.

  • Our Little Ones  strive to discover and understand the world by exploring the objects that surround them, seizing them at the speed of light as soon as an opportunity arises (does it speak to you?).     


Everyday activities, a gateway to the world


  • YES, domestic activities are rewarding: broom-sweeping, dusting, window washing, washing and washing-up are all about coordinating body and mind: 
  • NO, these activities do not please girls, little boys need them too. 
  • YES, caring activities are essential to self-esteem and self-confidence. They also require structured repetitive gestures that promote logical thinking and understanding of the body diagram. 


Everyday activities support the development of soft skills:


  • Cooperation and mutual assistance
  • Logical development and problem solving
  • Will and perseverance
  • Undertake and project                   


An alternative to plastic and digital


We choose to offer tools that channel the human potential of children, develop a taste for doing, cooperate and participate actively in family life, for children proud to grow well, disconnected from digital and connected to life.


All small mammals experiment their environment with "preparatory play" for better adaptability to the world.


What is the function of the PLAY except to prepare children to develop their physical, emotional, intellectual, social skills?


Good motor skills, a skilled hand, refined senses and a sense of the world are all benefits for then physical and emotional development of children.


Parents, if you wish to benefit from advice, find us on our blog, we guide you in your posture for a soft and tender parenting.